Dust collector with FIBC bags


Product details:

Industrial dust collector for woodworking machines with 24.000 mc/h working capacity.

Technical Specifications

Other technical specifications:

Filtration Capacity 24.000 m3/h
Unit Sizes 1700x4996x3600 mm
Unloading Type Q1000 mm 4 pcs FIBC/JUMBO bags
Unloading Capacity 6 m3
Vibration Motor 0.16 kw 1400 rpm
Vibration Motor Quantity 1 pc
Filter Quantity 144 pcs
Filter Sizes Q160x1780 mm
Filter Surface Area 128,77 m2
Filter Permeability 0,5 micron
Cleaning system is provided with mechanical vibration motor.
Pressure room design to extend the filter lifetime.
Q500 mm outlet located at the top of the filter unit for cleaned air disposal.
In case of more than one fan is attached to filtration unit, all fans are supported with clack for air canalization. So that the air is blocked which comes back from the fan shutted off.
Manufactured by special bended sheet metal.
Sheet metal joints are sealed with water resistant gasket to avoid from outdoor effects.
Flexible rings at both side which allows easy to change filters
2 colors painting with electrostatical powder dye.
We can provide also the galvanized pipes .
Other capacities on request.
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