Working centre Tecnica HR 300

Bohring centre Hirzt F 700

Working centre Tecnica V 300

Beam saw Paoloni KR 43

Edgebander Paoloni B 3

Edge banding machine with pre-milling unit Hirzt C 502

Sliding table saw Robland NZ Axis

Edgetrimming machine Vitap

Edgebander Maggi

Edgebander Paoloni BRE

Pellet press

Finger joint line

Manual Edgebanding machine

Edgebander Holzmech H 10

Forklift Hyster

Finger joint line

Edgebander H 320

Sanding machine

Milling shaper RUWI

Portable band saw RP 290

Electric planer R 300

Beam saw Paoloni

Point to point boring machine Hirzt

NC boring machine Hirzt GT 600

Edgebander Holz-Her 1435

Edgebander with premilling unit Casadei

Edgebanding machine Holz-Her 1436

Edgebander Felder

Edgebander Holz-Her 1436 SE

Edgebander Bi-matic

Woodworking lathe

Windows working centre Weinig Unicontrol 10

Multi drilling machine Morbidelli

Frame sanding machine Maweg

Beam panel saw Holz-Her

Edgebander Casadei E 321

Briquetting press

Beam Saw Concept 350

Edgebander Casadei K 60 PM

Dust collector

Wooden broom making machines

Edge glueing press

Beamsaw Fimal KR Spin